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The TRUTH about Cover Bands in Melbourne
(or the alternate and much less cool title: "Two Questions To Ask Any Band Before Hiring Them")



Question #1:
Who will actually turn up on the night?


There are some bands in the industry who have multiple versions of themselves playing on the same night. You go to their live showcase, hear one set of musicians play, book them for your event... and then different musicians turn up on the night. These types of bands have many musicians on their books. There is one Melbourne group in particular who have at times 10+ versions of themselves playing on the same night all around Victoria AND interstate, under the same band name.


There have been stories of bands turning up to events, where the musicians have never played together before. They don't know all the same songs, don't play any of the specific songs requested by the client and waste time in-between songs figuring out what to play next and who knows how to play it.


Of course, every band needs to get a fill-in player from time to time, due to sickness, etc. But if a band cannot guarantee that the majority of the musicians you see at their showcase will be there on your night... is it worth the risk?

Hiring a band that is just ONE band is the first step in guaranteeing a stress free event. You can relax knowing the musicians you hire have spent countless hours rehearsing and playing together. They know all the songs, plus their on stage presence is so much better than a band that is potentially only playing together for the first time... at your event!


So ask the bands you are considering this particular question and get assurances that who you see, is who turns up on the night.



Question #2:

Who is doing sound?



This is incredibly important...


Whats the point of hiring a band if the sound isn't good?


Creating great sound is not as simple as plugging in and turning up the volume. Every performance space is different and requires a professional who is trained in sound production for live entertainment. A sound technician sets up the equipment, EQ's the performance space, sound checks the band and then stays behind the mixing desk while the band plays, to adjust settings throughout the night, to give you and your guests the best sound experience possible.


But some bands set up and operate the sound equipment themselves. Which is fine, if one of the band members also happens to be a trained sound technician. However, sometimes this is not the case and the band does it all themselves, without having a good knowledge of the intricacies of sound production. 

A sound techician also frees up the musicians to focus on what they do best... playing and creating a great atmosphere! Which can be hard to do when 1 or more band members are constantly going back and forth to the sound desk to adjust levels all night.


You pay good money to hire a professional band, so why leave the sound up to amateurs? Hiring a band that brings a professional sound technician with them is the other vital component in creating a successful and stress free event. Make sure you ask any band this second and equally as important question.


Thanks for reading...


We of course hope that you will inquire about hiring us for your event. But if nothing else, we at least want you to be armed with a bit more knowledge.


Good luck on your search :)


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