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Frequently Asked Questions



Q. Why should we choose ALL STAR?


1. YOU GET US. Some bands in the industry have many musicians on their books, so unfortunately sometimes what you hire isn't what turns up on the night. With us, you get us! And if for any reason one of us cannot attend the show (due to sickness, etc), we inform you ahead of time and get your approval for a substitute. If either Joe or Ashleigh are no longer able to attend, you have the right to cancel the booking with a full refund.


2. We consistently add to our song list. We don't play the same old songs show after show. Of course, we play the classics that we know work well, but we also make sure to keep on top of the latest songs topping the charts. Check out our song list.


3. We bring a professional Sound Engineer to every show. Many bands don't. More on that below.


4. NO HIDDEN COSTS. No unnecessary agency fees. You book direct.


Q. Can we request songs?


Of course! We're happy to learn a couple specific songs for your event. Whether that be for your bridal dance, an unofficial corporate theme song or just because you have to have us play it! If its playable, we'll play it!


Q. Do you play at wedding ceremonies?

Yes! You can hire one or more of us to play at your ceremony. You get a discounted rate if you also book us for your reception.


Q. What is included in the price?


Awesome live music by us!


We work with you to make sure our sets are seamlessly worked in and around the formalities of your night.


Professional sound production and lighting equipment INCLUDING an experienced Sound Engineer


Would you let a first year medical student do brain surgery on you?


Most function bands set up and operate the sound equipment themselves, without having even a decent knowledge of the intricacies of sound production. Every performance space is different and requires a professional who has specifically trained in sound production for live entertainment. We're musicians, not Sound Engineers. We didn't study for years on end honing our sound production skills, so we provide a professional for you that has. Our Sound Engineer sets up, equalises the performance space, sound checks us and then stays the whole night while we play, to adjust settings throughout the night to give you and your guests the best sound experience possible.


In the end we feel YOUR EVENT IS TOO IMPORTANT to do things by half measures. Providing a professional Sound Engineer is one factor that sets us apart from many other function bands in Melbourne. It has served us and our clients well.


Background music on iPod to play in-between our sets


If you want to provide your own background music, not a problem. But know that we have it covered for you if you need it.




For no extra charge, Joe is happy to provide basic MC'ing duties. For weddings, this includes welcoming the guests, special announcements, introduction of the bridal party, bouquet/garter formalities and introduction of speeches.


Q. What is the price?


Every event is unique, so the price will vary depending on a number of factors. The 3 main factors involved are venue location, number of guests attending and the number of musicians playing. We can be anything from a Trio to a 7 piece band.


We can tell you straight away that we charge a minimum of $2000. Some events will be close to or at that price and others will be more.


For example: a 7 piece corporate show in Bendigo for 500 guests will cost more than a Trio wedding gig in South Yarra for 80 guests, as there are more players, extra distance to travel and more sound production equipment required for the former.


For an exact quote for your event, just send us a message! Let us know the venue location and how many people attending and we'll get back to you in 48 hours. 


Further Questions?


Don't hesitate to contact us!

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